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Cleaning Packages

Basic Cleaning

Pura Vida

Stove-top & Backsplashes Cleaned

Sinks Scrubbed & Disinfected

Mirrors Windexed

Tubs/Showers Tiles Thoroughly Cleaned

Bathroom Counters & Fixtures Cleaned

Wastebaskets Emptied

Beds Made, (Includes the master & one additional bed)

Stairs Vacuumed, Mopped, or Dusted

Tile/Wood Floors Mopped

Carpeted Areas Vacuumed

Ceiling Fans & Light Fixtures Dusted

Cobwebs Dusted

Blinds & Window Sills Dusted

Moldings & Woodwork dusted

Baseboards Dusted

Lamp & Lampshades Dusted

Pictures & Ornaments Dusted

Furniture Dusted, Polished, and/or Vacuumed

Top of Refrigerator Cleaned

Appliances Cleaned (Includes the inside microwave)

Deep Cleaning

Includes everything in Basic Cleaning plus...

Pura Vida

Cabinet Fronts Cleaned

Doors Disinfected

Light Switch Plates Disinfected

Countertops & Backsplashes Washed

Windows Windexed

Tub & Shower Tiles Double Scrubbed

Wastebaskets Emptied, Washed, and Relined

All Beds Made

Stairs Rails Disinfected

Floors Vacuumed & Mopped including closets

Ceiling Fan Blades Washed

Light Fixtures Hand Washed None Removal

All Blinds, Mini-Blinds, & Shutters Dusted and Washed

Moldings, Woodwork, & Window sills Hand Washed

Baseboards Washed (Does not include areas covered furniture)

Lamp & Lampshades Dusted or Vacuumed.

Pictures and Ornaments Hand Washed

Wood/Cloth Furniture Polished & Vacuumed

Stovetops & Drip Pans Scrubbed

Carpet Crevices Vacuumed

Business Information.

Pura Vida Cleaning Services LLC

Elier Avalos 205-617-5033

Xinia Trucks 205-381-8030


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At Pura Vida Commercial and Home Cleaning, we treat your home with the utmost care and respect, as if it were our own.

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We are committed to promoting a healthy environment by utilizing eco-friendly cleaning practices and products that are safe for both our clients and the planet.

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We actively listen to their needs, provide personalized cleaning solutions, and go the extra mile to ensure their complete happiness with our services.

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